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As a agency we manage our clients Mailchimp accounts from our own account. When importing Mailchimp data through Supermetrics I connect to our Mailchimp account and, after logging in, select the client's account. This works initially but seems to "break" when a scheduled update of the data runs.

Did anyone else encounter this issue? Is there a solution other than connecting Supermetrics directly to the clients Mailchimp account?


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  • Hey Dave,

    We have the same exact issue. Trying to find support from their team on this because it is a huge problem.


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  • This is a huge problem for us. Mailchimp disconnects every single night when we run a new pull. It makes Supermetrics essentially useless for us. 

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  • Huge problem indeed. As a full service agency we like to offer our clients one report that presents the results of our efforts in every channel, including email. Ever since my initial post (almost a year ago!) there's a comment on our report template that data from Mailchimp is missing due to a software issue. Not very professional. 

    I find it rather disappointing that this issue seems to be unnoticed by Supermetrics support. I also wonder if this problem will continue to exist in Supermetrics for Data Studio. As I can imagine that many users will consider switching from Supermetrics for Google Sheets to Supermetrics for Data Studio. In our case (with 50+ clients) this would mean a significant bump in monthly costs for the tool. An investment which is easier to justify when we get something that works.

  • Support answer ? 

  • Never solved. I raised this issue over email with tech support. Shared the document so they can have a look. Every time I enquire about the status they apologise and promise to get back to me. Then it's silent until my next reminder. Hilariously bad.

  • Hi,

    I'm very sorry we are yet to fix this. We are currently looking into it and will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

    Niklas Lampén

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