Removing metrics title/label

I am constructing a table to send to my client.

Is it possible to remove the label for the metrics, or change it to say something else?

For example:

I want to pull the metric for "Offsite conversions: lead (FB pixel)," but to keep it simple for my client, can I change it to just say" Leads"?  I want this to be done so when the report auto refreshes and emails out it will say Leads instead of Offsite conversions: lead (FB pixel).

  • You can do it easiest by hiding the rows or columns, but you also have an option for not showing the header rows:


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • I tried doing this and it doesn't remove the metric header column.

  • Hi Firdaush,

    for removing the metric headers,  you can insert text "NO_METRIC_HEADER_COLUMN" in the advanced settings.

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    -Supermetrics Team

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