Custom Conversions

Does anyone know how to pull custom conversions? You see I've created more than one custom conversion and what supermetrics does is pull it all in this "Offsite conversions: custom (FB pixel)". Is there any way to separate them because in the facebook ads manager, they show it separately. Thanks!

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  • Has anyone came with a solution for this??

  • You can do this by pulling Actions and Action Type.

    But Facebook is changing their API so this will not be available in a few months. What I need to know is what Supermetrics will do in response...?

  • I actually have the same problem and it´s really important for me to be able to pull this data

  • Dan basically gave the right anwsers way back when - you still have to use the same method today:

    Metrics: Actions

    Dimensions: Action Type (or Action Type (with custom conv. ID))

    -Thank you