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Hi, I am running several social media handles for clients and I would like to use Supermetrics to automate part of my reporting process.

Is there a way to automatically calculate the growth in the number of Instagram fans or can the simple connector only give me the number of fans at the time of the data pull?


I am using Google Data Studio to build the report. 

  • Hi Mathieu,

    I don't know of a way to do this using just Supermetrics, but it should be possible using an Array Formula.  Let's say your daily followers is in column C, and you have headers for your data.  In cell D3, you can write the following.


    What this will do is check if the cell contains a value. If it does, it will minus the previous value from the current value to provide a delta. If the cell is blank, it will return a blank value.

  • Hi there! There is another way to calculate the growth of your instagram fans, likes, comments and what not. So easy way to get and see everyday changes in statistics. As for me, I tried different apps but this one suits me the most hope it'll help u too. 

  • Hi friends, sorry to bother. Do you need to get more Instagram followers for your accounts. I recommend you Getinstafollow. They can provide real and active Instagram followers and likes to make your profile popular. And you can track how many followers your account increase every day. If you have any need, you can have a try. Sorry to bother you. Thanks for your reading. 

  • What is your Instagram account for? Business or Personal use?

    Scenario: A T-Shirt Company. 

    I would post quality pics of my t-shirts. Post 1-2 times daily. Utilize the IG Stories by letting people in on what it's like in a normal day of my company. 

    With ever post, I would use relevant hashtags that people are using to search for clothing. I would also do a bit of hashtag research just to stay away from the one's that are mostly used. 

    I would spend about 6 hours a day DM'ing every single clothing company on IG within my area, asking them if I can put a few of my shirts in there store in exchange for a shoutout on my page to promote there business. 

    I would DM huge or medium sized accounts and ask them if I can be a guest on there podcast or blog - in return, I'll publish a backlink on my website to help them improve there SEO rankings for  boost instagram followers

    I'd do a bunch else but hey, I hope this helps. 

    Cheers :) 

    P.S. Don't for get to use 10-15 hashtags and post them in the comments section, not in the caption area.

  • Hope you guys heard about a new feature Instagram working on, yes it's not clear yet what they use to call it but it will allow you to remove Instagram followers.

  • There are many analytics tools from where you can calculate the numbers of Instagram followers. Buy Instagram followers from Greedier Social Media to boost the presence of your Instagram accounts.

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