Youtube limit query


I received this message while trying to query some data :

Query failed: Daily Youtube query limit exceeded by "manager**** Try again in 20 h 19 min

I just subscribed a pro license and i thought i could do 1500 queries per day.

Is this normal ?

What is the limitation for youtube's query ?

How can i fix my problem ?



    your 1500 daily queries is the limit for Supermetrics total queries but your limit notification is coming from YouTube API and there's nothing we can do about it unfortunately. Nearly all of the data sources have their own quotas. You can read more about Youtube daily quotas from 


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics team

  • Jouni, I'm experiencing a similar problem. I'm only running 5 queries (unless Supermetrics is splitting my query into multiple queries for the YouTube API). On the first run, we're getting the "daily quota exceeded" error message. Is there a way to see what part of the query is causing the issue? It doesn't look like the Supermetrics query is associated with our Google APIs Developer Console?

  • Hi Paul,

    the way YouTube calculates the quota is very different from how Supermetrics does it. Unfortunately you'd need to ask YouTube's support on how the quota is calculated and change your queries accordingly. There is one trick from our side though which should help with this if your queries are taking data from a long date range:

    1.) Run the query so that you’ll see all the results that you wanted

    2.) Click on any of the cells containing results from that query

    3.) That query should be now open in the sidebar —> Click “modify”

    4.) Change the date range to last 7 days (excluding today)

    5.) Turn on “Combine new results with old” from Options dropdown in the sidebar

    6.) Click “Apply changes”

    7.) Make sure that you have set your trigger to refresh your queries in this file every day

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • We are having the same issues and it's a real bother. According to the link that you posted in the first reply, Supermtrics is responsible for requesting additional quota - or can we do it somehow? We really need a higher quota for YouTube..

  • Hi,

    we do not know what you mean by "Supermetrics is responsible for requesting additional quote". Unfortunately you'll need to contact Google / YouTube about the quota as it's completely related to Google, not Supermetrics.

  • When using Data Studio, do you have any thoughts about why this query limit error quickly happens when using the Supermetrics Youtube Data Source but never when using the Youtube Analytics Data Source? 

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