Mailchimp custom fields in a list

Is there a way to pull a list from mailchimp with all the "custom fields"?

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  • Hi Nadav,

    Supermetrics should have all the available metrics/fields that are available within the MailChimp API. You can check the list from here: -and if you see something thats missing from Supermetrics, please let us know, send us a screenshot of it and we'll add it straight away. Thanks!

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä

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  • Hi Nadav,

    Unfortunately getting list-specific custom fields from merge_fields is not currently possible. Based on the API documentation, I'd say that a performance friendly implementation would also require quite a bit of effort too. I can add this to the development roadmap as a feature request, but unfortunately I can't say if or when it could be available for use... But still, thank you very much for the feedback!

    Best regards,

    Antti Launiainen

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  • Hey Antti,

    If I could ask a quick follow up question, what exactly is it that makes merge tags any complicated than pulling any other piece of nested data, like name or country? The "name" field is already a parameter within merge fields, which itself falls under lists. Just seems like a GET request to pull in all available merge tags wouldn't be any more complicated than however you are currently pulling in other account-specific data like lists and campaigns.

    But maybe there's more to it than I realize. It would just be really great to be able to get this data into my Google sheets.


  • Yes, good question. I want to create reports based on merge fields in a list. I note this thread is roughly 2 years old. Any tips, suggestions on how to best tackle this? Thanks.

  • Hi Tom,

    A lot has happened in this connector since last time, but I'm sorry to say that there has been only little improvement in terms of merge fields. We do have a now field called "Member fields", which is a JSON-encoded string of all the merge field values for a list member (see > merge_fields). The practical use for field is to filter by it, using either the contains or a regular expression option. You currently can't have the values separated into columns.

    Member specific values might be the ones you are looking for after all, as the merge fields from lists only provide the merge field definitions and not the actual values ( Please do correct me if I'm wrong here.

    To clarify the technical issues discussed earlier, they are not so much related to fetching of the values, but getting all relevant merge fields for the user interface and the query process, and doing that in a way that does not make excessive amount of API calls to MailChimp. The important detail about the MailChimp endpoint is that it's list-specific. Hence the amount of HTTP calls is tied to the amount lists in the account or query. And sometimes there can be a lot of lists. MailChimp rate limits API requests to 10 simultaneous connections per user ( and exceeding that limit will have negative impact on the connector performance and reliability.

    That is not say that better support for merge fields is not on our development roadmap. It will just require more effort than one would assume and the timeline for it is still open.

  • Hi - So an update to the Mailchimp API, I know for a fact you can pull custom merge field data because Domo and other Analytics tools can do so, but I would prefer to stay with a tool like your which integrates into data studio. 

    Are there any plans to pull in this data?


  • Hi,

    Any further updates on this please.  Adding the Mailchimp tags will be a useful addition an it seems it is available in the api.


  • Hi Daniel,

    thanks for the info. We have added this to our development pipeline and when this update to our connector has been made, all MailChimp users will be notified of it.


    -Supermetrics Team

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