GA Views Won't Show, But I'm Logged In

Hey Guys-

I am logged in to my account on GA, Sheets, Supermetrics...all of it. I open the sidebar for SM, click "Select Views" but it just shows the "Loading" graphic...forever. It's like it wonk link from SM to GA even though I am logged in.

I have attached a screenshot.

Please help!



  • I've got the same issue, using SM in Google sheets. It just hangs at 92%. But it's intermittent.

    Any updates?

  • I get the error all of the time. As a new user I am struggling to use the product. I keep getting timeouts and error messages to refresh and start all over again

  • That's a shame, as its a powerful tool with lot's of potential to save time and do a lot of heavy lifting.

    Am waiting to hear back on my open ticket to resolve the issue.

    Liam, what steps are you taking when error occur?

  • Hi Ron, Esteban and Liam,

    sorry that our answer to the forum took this long. There has been private discussions about this matter where we hunted down the problem. We have published a new version of the sidebar so could you please restart your computers and re-open Google Sheets / Supermetrics sidebars. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    -Jouni Hyötylä / Supermetrics

  • It seems to be working now.

    Thank you!


  • The sidebar wont load. It continues to say "Loading Supermetrics 90%".

    Thank you,


  • Hi Omar,

    could please write us a new ticket about your issue so that we can keep this thread for GA view related matters only. Thanks!

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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