Data Discrepancy - Facebook Ads

The data being pulled in from Facebook is very spotty, with some data being correct and others being incorrect.

For example, my campaign spend metrics are correct for new clients that have only been running a month, but the numbers are higher than they should be for older clients. 

Other metrics like leads data is correct, but then URL clicks for example the numbers are off.

Why might this be? Is anyone else having this issue?

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  • Hi Matt,

    there is an issue with Facebook API at the moment that's effecting several metrics from this year. We have reported it to Facebook, as have some of our clients but all we can do right now is to wait for them to fix it. It's not affecting only Supermetrics but all the services that use their API to pull in data. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Jouni, the reason I'm seeing a discrepancy seems to be with which metric the Uploader is using to populate ga:adClicks. In the Facebook Ad Manager, Clicks (All) includes every kind of interaction (likes, etc...)(this matches what I'm seeing uploaded to GA) and 'Results' includes only the type which the campaign is targeting (Link Clicks, in this case).

    It would make a lot more sense for the Uploader to use the 'Results' metric instead of 'Clicks (All)' to upload to GA...


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