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Hi - I'm seeking a solution for extracting FB Ads data and hoping someone can help. Using your tool can we: 1) Extract Ad set specific data? 2) Can we extract the "Target" info for each ad set (specifically the list of geo and interest text that appears when clicking n each ad set). 3) Is there any way to extract the post URL associated with each ad set. If we can do these things, this is THE solution that I have been seeking :) Your feedback would be appreciated. Chris
  • 1.) You can for example use a filter like this:

    2.) To create this kind of dashboard which changes the data target automatically according to your selection, requires quite lot of experience with spreadsheets, but can be achieved. By default, Supermetrics brings you the data you have manually set in to your query parameters.

    3.) You can get the list of URL's in your adsets with a query like this:

  • Hey - thanks very much the the reply. This is very promising... 

    A few follow-up quesitons/comments:

    RE: #1) Excellent. thank you!

    RE: #2) Sounds good. I do have decent Excel skills but still don't see where I might pull that data in with Supermetrics.  Can you point me in the right direction?

    RE:#3) I must be missing something here too :(  I see the "Split by:" option for Internal & External URL's under "Split by: (dimensions)" and "Split by (segmenting dimensions)" and I've tried selecting the raw data report while adding the Internal & External options to each, but still I see no internal or external links in the raw data report :(.  

    #4) Additionally I need to be able to see "Budget Spent" for all campaings within a period and I"m struggling to pull that in.

    Your help/ direction would be appreciated.


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  • Hi,

    2.) For the dropdowns, you want to do the different queries in to another tab and then reference to those. I found you a quick thread about this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19411677/excel-creating-a-dropdown-using-a-list-in-another-sheet

    3.) It's hard to say why Facebook API doesn't bring you these dimensions. Try creating a query, just with one of the for example "Internal destination URL", no metrics and another split for example by "ad set" to see whether you can get any results.

    4.) Try "Actions: credit spends"


    -Supermetrics team

  • Great. Thanks very much for the quick feedback all of your help.

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