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Link Post Type Missing from Facebook Insights for 2016

When I try to pull data from Facebook Insights for 2016, links aren't shown. All other types, such as photos and videos, appear normally. This happens no matter how short or long the date range is as well as if I set the post type filter to show only link. Links start to reappear in my pulls as of 01/01/2017. Any suggestions?

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Same here, its been reported to the team i guess they are finding a fix.

I noticed it happens a lot in pages with high number of posts, photos and videos

Hi Evan,

We've been getting a lot of reports like yours recently concerning Facebook Insights data: all posts or posts of a certain type are missing for a specific date range. For most people, these issues started appearing a few weeks ago, but the target date range often goes further back in time.

There seems to be some issues with the Facebook API returning incomplete data, and there are some bug reports in Facebook's bugs portal related to missing posts in API data, e.g.

If you can send us a Supermetrics query ID in a support ticket, we can have a closer look at what's happening in your case and whether the issue is in the Facebook API or elsewhere.

Best regards,

Viktor Djupsjöbacka

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

Support forum:

This issue should now be resolved as the result of a Facebook API fix released by Facebook last week. If you still experience issues with missing posts, please let us know.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

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