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Adwords : Query failed: You query returned no data

Hi guys,

why must queries fail, just because there is no data?

Maybe someone, like me, wants to creates reports that will (hopefully) generate data in the future. 

Atm I cant create such a report. Which kind of sucks. Because I have to run new campaigns/accounts which I cant report, because the is no conversion so far. 

This sounds a bit sill, but some Account just generate, for example just 1or2 Conversions a year. But I still have to report monthly. 

I think you get my point.

It would be awesome that I could have a option to create this query anyway, if a query fails and doesn`t generate data.


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Thanks for the update. Just tried it. It looks like the command is accepted, but it doesn't make a difference. Query for future dates still fails and is therefore not saved.



Hi everyone,

could you please test this feature:

-Under options, write "RETURN_NO_DATA_RESULT" -in to Advanced settings.


-Supermetrics Team

Thanks for the quick reply! Appreciated. 

Exactly. Because the query produces an error, it isn't saved to the sheet. I think it's perfectly acceptable if it shows an error message up until data becomes available, as long as the query stays saved. Sounds pretty straight forward to me from a feature perspective. 

Good luck! 


you can set the end date in to the future by writing it manually in to the end date, but unfortunately the query won't complete (and therefore save in to the sheet) if there's no data available at that point.

We are still looking in to the possibility of creating such a feature but unfortunately we cannot promise if we are able to find a way.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Hi there,

I was hoping to find a solution here, since it says solved--but I don't think this issue is solved at all.

It would be tremendously helpful if queries with future dates could be at least saved! That way, one could prepare an entire year's report, for example, in advance and only refresh on a monthly basis to get the latest data into sheets.

I'm having the same issue with data from Adobe Analytics. I have to create a new query every month. This almost defeats the purpose of the tool for me as it is almost as time consuming as manually pulling and entering the latest data every month.

Simply allowing future date queries to be saved would solve the problem. I would be able to create my report ONCE, then simply schedule a monthly refresh to fetch the latest data.

I truly hope you understand and see the tremendous value in this.

Thanks you!


For that kind of situation there is no workaround unfortunately. If there's no data, you only get the "error" message.

Sorry but this only helps if just one of the columns or rows has no data but some others. If no there is no data at all (so far) the query is not be generated. 

Hi Daniel,

try selecting "Show all time values" from Options dropdown. 


Best regards,

Jouni Hyötylä

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

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