Facebook Data Fail

Lately my Facebook data is not being collected properly. Supermetrics appears to be "sampling" my data. When I request my page's posts from February's first week, I get about half the posts for each day. This isn't a data size problem, as I will only get half the data for just one day or for a whole month.

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  • Something must have changed some time after February 2nd, because I refreshed a query (all Facebook posts for December 2016) without changing anything and I now have 7 posts instead of 158 (the real number). 

    There is no logic in what posts are selected as well, they are from anywhere in the time period, any type of posts, any kind of results (reach, engagement, etc.) and they are posted by any of the editors. Sometimes, I even get posts from 1 day outside of my date range.

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  • Been having the same problem for about a month. Still no fix.

  • Hello everyone,

    Facebook development team has advanced with this issue and we should have news for you soon. We are terribly sorry that we haven't been able to fix this ourselves as it affects every tool out there which uses Facebook API and we have no control over it.


    -Supermetrics Team

  • The problem seems to be fixed now. Do we have confirmation that it is?

  • Hi everyone,

    we're terribly sorry that we didn't post status update here on time. Yes, Facebook API team has fixed the issue and it seems that all the results are coming in correctly.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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