Getting percent as a decimal

When I pull a metric that should return a percent, like Goal Conversion Rate, for some reason in supermetrics it returns that value as a whole number. So if in GA the value is 3.2%, in Google Sheets with Supermetrics I get 3.2. Is there a way around this? I have started creating a separate column that just takes the value and divides by 100 so I can apply the % formatting, but that is not really a good solution as it makes graphing more difficult for me. 

  • Hi Rolando,

    now I understand what you mean. For this there is no simple solution unfortunately. API's return data in that kind of format and unfortunately Google Sheets doesn't have an option to change the format straight away. One way is to make a formula for example to the next row that gets the data from result row and divides it by 100, and then set the formatting to percentage and hide the original result row.

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