Search Console data pulling through incorrect in Google Sheets


I set up a report using Supermetrics in Google Sheets which pulls Search Console data once a month. The data includes Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Av. Position for all site, as well as key categories. 

I did this for two of the sites I work on and both reports have came back with incorrect data. As an example, here is the issues with the All Site data:

In the instance of Site A, Supermetrics is showing 383 more clicks than in SC, 24535 more impressions, an incorrect CTR and an average position which is twice as low as in SC.

In the instance of Site B, Supermetrics is showing 437 more clicks than in SC, 216054 more impressions, a CTR almost half of what it is in SC and an average position 3x lower than in SC. 

I had no issues when using Supermetrics in the past and was given the corect data when last month when I gathered data for Nov and Dec, however this is the first time that I have got the data from the automated reports which are set up to be emailed to my inbox every month. 

Any ideas what's going on here? 


  • Hi, 

    Can you was resolved the problem? to me occurred the same.


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