How to use the JSON/CSV Connector with Callrail API?

Can someone help me configure the json/csv connector in the Google Drive Add-on to retrieve data from the callrail API?

Here is what I have setup so far:

Query Type: Custom Data

Type URL:

Data Type: JSON

Request: --

HTTP Headers: Authorization: Token token=my_api_token

JSON Path: --

Here's a screenshot of my settings:


The configuration above works but it is limited to 250 results due to callrail's API limits.  If I remove the query parameters from the URL, I only get the API default of 100 results.  And changing the "page=" value just returns a different page of 250 results. 

Is there something I can do to get more than 250 results or more than 1 page of results per query? 

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  • Same question here...

  • same question as well. 

  • Did anyone find an answer to this?

  • Hi,

    If that API allows max 250 results per query, then you should probably add multiple queries, each with a different value for the "page" parameter.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Jouni,

    I have 500 paginated result pages. I cannot add 500 queries.


  • Hi everyone,

    We were running into this same problem, the limitation is that CallRail put some crappy limits on the APIs functionality (small total results). We were able to get around this in our use case, but this definitely won't work in all instances.

    What we ended up doing was go into callrail, generate a manual report with all the data needed, paste that into a Gsheet (establish the data source).

    Next, setup the callrail API call for yesterday, run whatever call you need and schedule. 

    Then, we wrote a script that runs in Gsheets after the supermetrics call, and takes the results from the "yesterday" call and automatically copies it over to the bottom of our "data source" sheet. Now you've got all the historical data, and the new data appended every day.

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