Google Search Console Data appending to Report?

Hey Guys, im testing Supermetrics right now, and it seems to be even more than advertised.

However, i cant figure out if i can do the following:

If i set up a GSC export with clicks for queries by week, can i get a "running total" by refreshing every week so that queries get appended and the table gets longer and longer?

Im basically trying to find out if i can avoid that whole ETL process to get a running overview week over week just out of supermetrics.

Any info on this would be highly appreciated.



  • Nice to get that kind of feedback. Thanks!

    To keep the old data, you would need to create triggers in to Google Sheets, for example copying the results from certain cells in to a different location, as refreshes always writes the data over.

    There's unfortunately no easy way to do this but you can read more about creating triggers from here:


    -Supermetrics Team

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