Month sorting weird when importing month totals from GA

I'm trying to get the Google Analytics month totals 6 months back, including this month. It works fine of course, but the sorting of months gets a little backward. I get January (this month for 2017) first, then the months from last year after. Looks like this (on a row) -->

Jan 2017, Aug 2016, Sept 2016, Oct 2016, Nov 2016, Dec 2016. 

Not good charts, sparklines, etc. =) 

Anyone got a smart hack for this?

  • Hi Jakob,

    at least when you use "Year & Month" as your Split by, you get the sorting right straight away in that kind of query.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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  • Ahhh...st00pid me. =) Thx for an prompt answer. 

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