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Mailchimp Data Pull Stuck

I've been using Supermetrics to pull in data from ~20 different mailchimp accounts every week. Its worked for over a year now, but in the last couple of weeks, all but 4 of the accounts have stopped returning data via the queries. 

The different error messages I get when the queries run are: 

  1. Error: Invalid query specification
  2. Error: No data found
  3. Error: HTTP error: 0 Empty reply from server

When I attempt to refresh all the queries, the progress bar gets stuck at 80% when trying to refresh the mailchimp queries, and stays stuck for 30+ minutes. I then cancelled the refresh and tried to refresh individual queries, but those get stuck at 37% completion and never end up pulling in data.

Happy to include the link to the spreadsheets or the specific queries if helpful.

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Also looks like maybe my accounts go disconnected? Getting the following error whenever I try to create a new Mailchimp query:

"Failed to load: Error: no account objects found"


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I've also tried logging out of all Mailchimp accounts and reconnecting them to see if that allows the queries to run, but that didn't solve the error issue. 

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I'm having the same problem as Jordan. I have multiple accounts in Mailchimp. I can't access any of them using Supermetrics...

I log out and in of Mailchimp and I get the following error:

"Failed to load: Error: no account objects found"

how do we fix this?

Has anyone seen an update to this problem. Have to authenticate each time you want to refresh data isn't really a solution?

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Anyone have a fix?

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