Twitter follower refresh failing

I am having a problem in Google Drive Supermetrics Addon where I can create a query for Twitter Followers for a particular Twitter account, and it works, but any attempt to "Refresh" that query causes the query to stall permanently at 5%:


I have encountered this repeatedly in different sheets, deleting query IDs, recreating, etc... All in Chrome on Windows.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create a fresh Google Sheet
  • Create a new Twitter query to get the follower count of any Twitter account
  • Run query (see that it DOES WORK)
  • Refresh query (see that it hangs)

Pasting transpose of query details, but OMITTING VALUES for profiles and authUser for privacy:

Query IDparamsIDUREu6vcKUpOcMonhbzYntq56foEpPoSpreadsheet IDssIDSheet namesheetNameSheet1Range addressrangeAddressSheet1!$A$1:$A$2Createdcreated2017-01-30 21:11:30UpdatedupdatedLast statuslastStatusCreated successfullyLast refresh IDlastqueryIDResults contain sampled datasampledFALSEObject typeobjTypeTABLELinked chart IDlinkedChartIDData sourcedataSourceTWDate range typedateRangeTypeStart datestartDateStringEnd dateendDateStringCompare tocompComparison value typecvtAccounts/viewsprofiles[]MetricsmetricsDimensionsdimensions["followers_count"]Pivot dimensionssd[]FiltersfilterArr[]Segment IDsegment[]SortsortMax rowsmaxResultsMax pivot categoriesmaxCategoriesSpecial settingsspecialSettings[]Other parametersotherParams{"sds_tolang":"","sds_appendResultsCB":false}Result typesds_result_typeLanguage/countrysds_langTranslate tosds_tolangSQLsqlDatabase namedb_nameRange address (static)rangeAddressStaticSheet1'!A1:A2Report typertTW_UScope (Moz)scopeMZSort (Moz)sortMZHighlight with colourcondformRefresh with user accountauthUser

  • Hi! I have the next error with the query:

    Error: can't get range for query Spreadsheet ID: ssID Sheet: sheetName Range: rangeAddress. Maybe the sheet has been deleted?

    How I can fix it?

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