Remove Old Triggers or Bulk Delete Queries

We have a client that we've been creating many reports for in Google Sheets using Supermetrics.  All of these reports are created with triggers in place for automatic refreshes.  They have been a client for a long time, and we've now reached the point where anytime we try to run a query for this account, we get the error Query failed: Daily Google Analytics quota exceeded for ID, try again later.

Is there a way to remove all triggers for this ID without editing each individual Google Sheet?  If not, is there a way to bulk delete queries for a particular ID?




    you can manage all of your triggers from here:


    When you have deleted the un-necessary triggers, it is not possible to delete all the matching queries from a particular ID. You need to do this by hand. Best way to do this is by reviewing all of your queries as a list from here:



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    Jouni Hyötylä / Supermetrics

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