Hi everyone,

there is a problem with Google Drive Add-ons at the moment. Some of you might not be able to open Supermetrics sidebar, or any other Chrome Store add-ons in Google Sheets.

If you have another browser installed, try with that one if you can get the sidebar opened.

We'll keep you posted!

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  • Issue seems to be coming from LastPass browser extension. 

    Try to disable LastPass extension and then opening the sidebar again.

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  • Hello Jouni,

    Lastpass + Supermetrics worked fine one-two weeks ago. Does this new problem comes from an update from Supermetrics or Lastpass? If this is Lastpass, let me know, we might be able to escalate this as we're a Business customers.


  • Hi everyone!

    The issue was coming from LastPass extension, and it affected all the Google Drive Add-ons, not just Supermetrics.

    They have fixed the issue and updating your LastPass extension removes the problem.

  • When you say update? Do you mean removing and reinstalling? 

    When I go to that link- it says I already have the program installed. I have been using SuperMetrics for over 2 months - and the issue seems to have started about 4 weeks ago. In that time I have tried the product a few times- and left it to do other things when it was not working.

    Could an email notification be sent out to people when a known issue occurs? 

  • Hi Liam,

    we do send out email notifications when the issue is widespread. In this case, users who have LastPass extension installed, is a very tiny percentage of the whole Supermetrics user pool.

    If your LastPass extension hasn't updated itself already for some reason, I recommend uninstalling and re-installing it.


    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hey Supermetrics team,

    This is just starting to happen to us and we had just paid for the subscription last week, and we've already uninstalled lastpass and even tried it in a different browser. :( Can you please inform us of any updates on this? Thanks!

  • Hi David, 

    there shouldn't be any issues with LastPass anymore. Could you please send us a private ticket about this and we'll investigate your situation. Thanks!


    -Supermetrics Team