All Supermetrics Add-On Components Blank

This morning when I tried to fire up the Google Sheets Supermetrics Add-On from a Google Sheet, all of the windows had no information in them, totally blank. Every window as well: sidebar, purchasing, template gallery, schedule refresh and emailing, etc. All. The help window worked. 

(21.9 KB)

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  • NOTE: tried on two computers, PC and Mac, and two different wireless networks. 

    Also, discovered that the Excel Data Grabber macro doesn't work. 

    All of this leads me to believe that the service is down. Could there mot be a way to notify the user that the service is down, instead of a blank screen?

  • When trying to launch the Data Grabber Excel file, it gets stuck on the attached screen.


  • SOLVED: Looks like there is a conflict between LastPass and SuperMetrics. When the LastPass extension is disabled, SuperMetrics runs fine.

  • thanks for contacting us! It seems to be related to LastPass extension indeed. We're working on it and keep you updated in this post.


    -Supermetrics Team

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