Mail Chimp Connection Needs Improving

Hi Guys,

LOVE Supermetrics and find it really easy and intuitive to use.  However I am either using the Mailchimp connection incorrectly or it is badly designed (or Mailchimp's API is crap which wouldn't surprise me)

For instance I would like to get a report like the campaign export in the native mailchimp platform but can't build one.  If I am doing it wrong then can you provide a template?

I would like to export all members of a list and the day that they signed up but can't.  Maybe I am stupid.  Can you show us how to do this?

Even better I would like to know how many emails each subscriber has been sent, how many they have opened, how many links they have clicked etc.

With other connections this kind of thing is easy.

Can you help?


  • Hi D,

    for making the query on all the members by when they signed, you cannot use any metrics, but you can for example choose "Name" as a second split option like this:


    As for the other query, it seems impossible to get those statistics of every user due to restrictions in Mailchimp API. Sorry for the inconvenience. You could perhaps ask from Mailchimp support if that kind of query would be possible to achieve some other way.


    -Supermetrics Team

  • Ahhh, OK.  So the issue is that my list doesn't have a signup date for many of the emails so this was showing as blank which is why I thought it wasn't working.  Is there a way that Supermetrics could pull though other standard fields like 'Date Added' or even better, all the custom fields for a list?

  • Supermetrics supports all the available metrics from MailChimp API. We try to keep up with the updates, but if you see that they have some metrics available that are missing from Supermetrics, please send us a screencapture of that metric documentation from their site and we'll add it:


    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi!

    I am having similar problems with Mailchimp in supermetrics.

    Im simply trying to query how many people signed up to my newsletter list the last X weeks.

    Ive tried every combinations of metrics and splits, but it either says that it cant fetch the data or that its "Illegal"

    Please help.


    Magnus Heimsjø
    CMO reMarkable

  • Hi Magnus,

    I would suggest first checking that you have sufficient permissions in that Mailchimp account.


    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi.

    Well, i am admin. How do we proceed to solve my problem?


  • Hi all,

    I would like to get a report in Google Sheets with different metrics (e.g. email sent, opens, bounce, etc.) splitted by email domains.

    It seems to me that the "email domain performance" dimension is missing in the drop down menu below "Split by".  

    I saw that the metric documentation for this API is available in their website (please see the screenshot below or click this link:


    Is it possible to add this info in Supermetrics?

    Many thanks in advance,



  • Hi Riccardo,

    this dimension is restricted to 5 most popular domains. Developing this in to Supermetrics connector is possible but it would take several weeks before it's implemented. Do you consider this feature important for your dashboard building? (we haven't received other requests about it so far)

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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