Insert a Calculated Field in a Table


I would like to add a calculated field to reflect the cost per conversion on our Facebook ad sets.  I want that field column to be in the middle of the my table.  Is there a way I can create that field in the table and not have it disappear when I refresh the table?

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  • Hi, I'm trying to do what Chris said. Is possible right now?

  • Hello Chris. I suggest that you have one tab with raw data (which will pull the data from your Facebook account) and one tab where you display the data, thanks to sumifs or other possibilities, and in that case, in your data display tab, you can insert a calculated field which will not be erased when you refresh the table.

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  • Can you guys let me know?. how to display data in proper tabular form with Pivot table with a customized filter?

  • This is a bit of a weak answer IMO and doesn't actually answer the question asked.

    Can custom calculations be done or not using SuperMetrics GSheets plugin?

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