No attachment in scheduled reports

Hi. I have a problem with the scheduled e-mails.

I have set up a scheduled e-mail with an Excel attachment for a sheet. E-mail is sent succesfully and we receive the test e-mail as well; however e-mails have no attachment. FYI, the test e-mail we receive says "We couldn't verify that actually sent this message".. Our e-mail service provider is Gmail but I've used my personal hotmail account as the test e-mail and it didn't receive the attachment either. Here's a screenshot of the schedule window. Let me know if you need anything else to go on.

File ID: 1FLd-hS5loTyC_LqbmXvqPDwOQq6FEuiQh6HWjLx8CRo

Trigger ID: iZjYbIAxHesb7cZdQMXJbMQsWk5Cpq



  • Hi Onder,

    could you please give a temporary access to the file and send us a link to it as a reply to this email. We need to do some testing.

    Best regards,

    Jouni Hyötylä

    Twitter: @Supermetrics 

    Support forum: supermetrics/forum

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