What is Adobe SiteCatalyst (beta)


I'm trying to log in to Adobe Catalyst and keep getting the following: "It seems you tried to log in with a user that does not have Adobe SiteCatalyst (beta) enabled" I've got access to Adobe SiteCatalyst in my adobe account, but I can't find any reference to Adobe SiteCatalyst beta.


  • Is it because I'm using an Enteprise ID? I don't actually enter my credentials as I sign in, it uses the URL in my email then logs me in using cookie data.

  • Any feedback would be useful. I want to sort this out and I've been waiting 12 days for a response. Not good.

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  • Thank you very kindly for your patience. We have been working on a larger solution to improve the user experience of the Adobe connector, and we have now released a major update to the connector that among other things fixes these login issues - you should be able to use the Adobe ID login method now as intended, or the username and secret key if you prefer it. Also you can now take a look at our connecting to Adobe instructions page for more detailed instructions.

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