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Error: These metrics and dimensions can't be fetched together (Unknown dimension: yearweekiso_daterange)

I've been receiving this error lately, where before it was fine and the query is still pulling data fine, so I'm reluctant to edit the table:


It has something to do with this combination, when I remove 'Week (Mon-Sun, dates)' the error goes away:


But prior to recently this was fine, and like I said it's still polling data.

This error is no fixed, but please let us know if it shows again despite that you can still complete the query.


-Supermetrics Team

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Hi Pat,

we are aware of this error message. We're working on it but in the meantime, those queries should still work despite of the notification. Please let us know if yours don't.

Best regards,

Jouni Hyötylä

Twitter: @Supermetrics 

Support forum: supermetrics/forum

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