Can't grab post reach this month - 'Can't be calculated, would require summing deduplicated values'

-As title-

G-Drive grabber no longer sources post-reach, instead prints 'Can't be calculated, would require summing deduplicated values'.

Was working last month - not anything I've changed! :P

I'm grabbing Post-Clicks (with a url filter applied), positive actions and % change from last month as well. Changing 'Post-clicks' in the querie editor adds a warning which isn't present immediately; 'These metrics can't be grabbed together'.

Even if I switch and try different metrics and the warning isn't present, it still can't grab post-reach.

Any help would be most appreciated, thank you.

Kind regards,

GB Digital Team

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  • Hey guys,

    Any ideas for this one?

  • Hi Leo,

    sorry for the delay. Had to get some insight on this matter. You should be able to get it working if you split only with Post Id.

    If still experiencing the issue, please follow the guide we sent you about sharing your Sheet with us.


    -Supermetrics Team

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