Adwords discrepances

Good afternoon,

I'd like to complain about the performance of Supermetrics.

When adding a time dimension, data shown in G. Spreadsheets does not match with data in Adwords campaigns.

Our dashboards have been showing incorrect data for months due to this problem and we need help ASAP to solve this!

thank you in advance,


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    If the issue still remains, you can continue this discussion at any time.


    -Supermetrics team

  • I am nearing the end of my trial and was nearly about to susbscribe. Then I noticed that the Adwords data linked to my dashboard is consistently incorrect (a fraction of our totals by week). I have Year, Month, and Week time dimensions set up, and the weekly Cost, Conversions, and Conversion value data are all much smaller than the actual data that I've verified in Adwords. It's almost as though it's filtering out some campaigns or data, but I don't have any filters in the query. Why would Supermetrics not be able to pull accurate data from our Adwords account? I've triple checked and see no errors or filters in the query setup. I won't subscribe if I can't get accurate data.

  • I am also facing with same problem. Datas coming wrong after refresh. But if you add any filter, they comes correct for the first refresh. Than fail again.

    Has this problem solved?

  • Hi Ahmet,

    can you check your SupermetricsQueries sheet and look in to the Range Addresses in your queries to see if you have multiple queries pointing in to the same cell range. If you do, delete the row(s) with the queries that are "extra".

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jouni,

    Thanks for your reply. I checked Range Address. There is only one query already. 

    Is there any time limitation for data refresh. I got the correct data when I renewed after 2 hours from last refresh. Then, after 20 minutes I get last datas again, nothing changed. Than I modify the query and added a filter ("year does not equal to 2"), it worked. 

    I tried both 4 refresh buttons.

  • Hi Ahmet,

    there is approximately one hour cache but if you change anything in your query, you'll "force refresh" the query and it fetches the data again.

    If you keep experiencing this, please send us a private ticket about it, give a temporary edit access to the file, paste a link to that ticket and build two queries in to it, one that's refreshed (showing the wrong results) and one that isn't (showing the correct results).

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi,

    I couldn't find any field or option to force the query refresh. Is there any support document to solve this. 


  • Hi Ahmet, there is no such option. Only if you modify your query details in any way you can get refreshed data if you have run that query within one hour.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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