Include Ad Unit Levels in DFP Reports

Dear Supermetrics Support,

I already posted this in the Google Group, but this seems to be the new place to report issues, so I will re-post here.

I need Ad Unit Levels in den DFP for Publisher Reports. Is it possible, to include these in a report?

With the DFP Report Service you should be able to set the Ad Unit Report to TOP-LEVEL, FLAT or HIERARCHICAL (see, thus receiving Ad-Unit Levels. Is it possible to set this when sending a Query to the DFP-API via supermetrics for Google Drive (e.g. within the Advanced settings)?


Thank you.


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  • Hi Till Schramm

    Did you find   a way to resolve this issue?



  • Hi Thomas,

    no. As I understand it, I cannot manipulate the query in such a way. This should be a value i can set either via the supermetrics sidebar or the supermetrics query sheet.

    Maybe this helps for further explanation. The adUnitView should be a criteria when sending the request (the adUnitView is "TOP_LEVEL" by default, what supemetrics is getting).

    Maybe this helps as an explanation:


    Thank you . I appreciate your efforts.

    Best regards,


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  • Has there been any update on this?

  • Any updates?

  • Any updates on this???

  • To any SuperMetrics staff: I need this update too.  I imagine this is a very common need for DFP users. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    At this moment we're in the middle of testing the hierarchical ad units in our reports. But we do not have enough test data to be sure if everything works correctly, hence adding this feature to our system is kind of hit or miss.

    Would you be open to sharing for example a testing sheet with us, with DFP ad units query included? That would help us out a lot. We will treat all your data with extreme caution and confidentiality.

    Best regards,
    Dmitrii Krupianskii

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