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Include Ad Unit Levels in DFP Reports

Dear Supermetrics Support,

I already posted this in the Google Group, but this seems to be the new place to report issues, so I will re-post here.

I need Ad Unit Levels in den DFP for Publisher Reports. Is it possible, to include these in a report?

With the DFP Report Service you should be able to set the Ad Unit Report to TOP-LEVEL, FLAT or HIERARCHICAL (see, thus receiving Ad-Unit Levels. Is it possible to set this when sending a Query to the DFP-API via supermetrics for Google Drive (e.g. within the Advanced settings)?


Thank you.


Best regards,


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  • Hi Till Schramm

    Did you find   a way to resolve this issue?



  • Hi Thomas,

    no. As I understand it, I cannot manipulate the query in such a way. This should be a value i can set either via the supermetrics sidebar or the supermetrics query sheet.

    Maybe this helps for further explanation. The adUnitView should be a criteria when sending the request (the adUnitView is "TOP_LEVEL" by default, what supemetrics is getting).

    Maybe this helps as an explanation:


    Thank you . I appreciate your efforts.

    Best regards,


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  • Has there been any update on this?

  • Any updates?

  • Any updates on this???

  • To any SuperMetrics staff: I need this update too.  I imagine this is a very common need for DFP users. Thanks!

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