DCM Report: Adding Floodlight Activity Filter Zeroes Out Impressions

One of the most common reports I pull in DCM is a combination of basic dimensions (e.g. site, placement, ad, creative, some unit of time), and then impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue. This is filtered by advertiser and by Floodlight activity, so that I'm only looking at the appropriate conversions and revenue (usually a transaction).

This works fine in the DCM interface. However, when I run that same setup in Supermetrics for Drive, using the Floodlight activity filter always results in impressions and clicks being zeroed out. I have to clear the activity filter and look at all conversions in order to get any impressions/clicks metrics. This is frequently not useful, since Floodlight retargeting and transaction pixels function the same.

Is there a way to get both a filtered set of activity conversion metrics and complete impression/click/etc metrics in the same report?

4 people have this problem
  • I am facing the same issue.

    Can we get this fixed at the earliest?

  • Very annoying issue! Can we get a solution soon please?

  • i also facing the same issue, even keywords and floodlight activity combination give me no record at all!

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