DoubleClick Search - Query fails when using 2 years


Since yesterday one of my DoubleClick Search queries is failing. I did some testing and the query works untill i set a custom date range with the start date to 1-1-2016 and the end date to a date in  2017. 2016-nov-1 to 2017-jan-4 seems to still work though. Maybe something with the amount of months? Anyhow, could you take a look at what is going wrong?

Query id: NyNOAWpr8LHtCgGWwKJuKYayRSr3bm6


  • Hi,

    This morning i am receiving the following error on the same query: "Query failed: HTTP error: 0 Encountered end of file".

    Any idea what is causing this?


  • Seems to be working again!

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