Not Pulling All Months from FB Insights

Supermetrics has not been getting along with FB insights lately. It often pulls nothing, or freezes, or errors by saying that my login credentials are wrong, even when I'm logged in (but when I try again in an hour it works). Anyways, when I set up a year to date query, or last 12 months, or custom range from January 2016 to today, Supermetrics only pulls the data from January until October. I have to set up a separate query for last 2 months to get the last bit of data, which makes the sheets much more complicated and out of order.

How can I fix this?



  • If you manually type the range address, you should delete the query ID before refreshing. Otherwise our tool will place the data to the named range that is tied to the query ID.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics team

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