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Hi. I've been having problems with my query. ID: ft5f02fxD6LhLorshiXFJcjUVgFdvb

It seems that the filters won't work. I set my filters as Cost>0 and ROAS>0, and the sorting is descending "change % roas" but the results I get show rows with ROAS and Cost cells empty. You can see a screenshot below. I think it's because when I say "Cost > 0" in the comparison mode, it takes the date range I selected PLUS the comparison date range. So, even if that particular product type hasn't accrued any costs, it will still list that in the results provided that it has a cost value in the comparison date range.

Similar problem for other comparison queries as well. I try to see "Cost > 300" ad groups for last week, but I get ad group rows with lower cost because the cost of last week plus the week before that (comparison period) is greater than 300.

Please don't tell me to get the absolute cost value of the comparison period instead of change percent, because I need to sort it according to the change.

I would also like to filter according to the

  1. Comparison period metrics (like cost, cost/conv, ROAS etc)
  2. Change % in a metric like Change % in ROAS or Change % in Cost/Conv etc..

I reckon it's currently not possible to do this. Can you add this as a feature?

Thanks in advance for the reply :)


  • Hi!

    Very sorry about the delay in our response. Our development team is on the case and they will look in to the matter asap.


  • Thanks. I'll be waiting :)

  • Hey guys. Any update on the issue? Thanks!

  • Hello,

    Could you please share the file/sheet to and we'll investigate further. Thanks for your patience.

    Kind regards, 

    Dawit Nida



    We've now fixed the issue that adds rows from the comparison period that don't pass the filter in the main date period.

    Filtering by comparison values is not possible currently, but we may add that option in the future. Thanks for the feedback!


    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics team
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