Connecting to Tableau with Supermetrics API

The Supermetrics Web Data Connector for Tableau is an interface that allows you to integrate the Supermetrics API with Tableau desktop to pull data from the different data sources Supermetrics supports, right into Tableau!

Before You Begin

The Supermetrics Web Data Connector is compatible with Tableau version 10.2 or later. In Tableau Desktop, if you try to open a connector that uses an incompatible version, you may see an error like the following:

The version of Tableau that you are using cannot use the web data connector that you are trying to access.
The connector requires at least version 'x.x' of the web data connector API.

Let's Get Started!

Using the Supermetrics Web Data Connector for Tableau is very easy, you don't need any advanced setups or software installation. Follow the instructions below to get connected.

  1. Access the Supermetrics API site:
  2. In the Query section, log into the data source you wish to import data from into Tableau and create the query. For more information on using the UI, see Using the Query Manager.

    Example Query Configuration Using Facebook Ads

  3. Once you have the query built, click on the TABLEAU button to change the format of the URL to work with Tableau. You will see a completed URL below. Save the URL for the next steps by clicking COPY.

    Important - This URL has an API key in it that gives anyone with the URL access to your data! Treat this like a password and keep it safe. If you need to publicly share the URL, use the "SHORT URL" option as it will not show this API key.

  4. Go to Tableau Desktop. In the Connect menu, select More... under the "To a Server" section and then find the option for Web Data Connector.

    Showing the Tableau UI for connecting data sources. Highlighting path to "To a Server"->More...->Web Data Connector

    Note that the Web Data Connector option may appear in the main "To a Server" list if used before.

  5. In the connector URL field, insert the following and press ENTER:

    Orange arrow pointing to place to copy the connector URL for Supermetrics API

  6. You will get the following prompt:

    Example setup for getting Supermetrics API data with URL and table name given in the text boxes

  7. Copy the resulting Supermetrics API query URL from step 3 into the first text box marked "Enter Supermetrics API Query URL".
  8. Give the table a name the data will be shown under in Tableau in the second text box marked "Table name to be shown in Tableau".
  9. Click Get Data to continue. It should now start to populate the query data into Tableau. Depending on the size of the request, this step make take a few seconds to complete.

There is also a video showing the setup process here.

Once you have extracted the data from your selected data source into Tableau, you are ready to analyze, create astonishing visualizations and interactive dashboards! One of the best things about Tableau is that you can combine your different platform data together to see Facebooks Ads with Twitter Ads, or any other data source the Supermetrics API supports.

You can create data source-dependent sheets or join different data sources in the same sheet to present and analyze the data. A sample dashboard below shows a dashboard created using Google Analytics, LinkedIn Pages and Google Ads queries with metrics/measures and dimensions shown on the Tableau Desktop.

SM-Test Dashboard.png

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