Google AdSense API v2 upgrade breaking changes - Sept. 15th, 2021

Google AdSense will be sunsetting their version 1 API in the middle of October, as well as splitting AdMob endpoints into their own API. So we will upgrade our Google AdSense data source to use AdSense API version 2. We will deploy the new version for most products on September 15th, 2021. API, data warehouse, and cloud storage products will follow a week later.

What you need to do

There will be some breaking changes that may require adjustments to your reporting. 

AdMob logins no longer supported

Due to the split of AdMob and AdSense APIs, the newer version of the AdSense API does not support AdMob in any way, including no longer allowing AdMob logins to access AdSense data.

If you were using an AdMob login before to use the Google AdSense data source, this will stop working on Sept. 15th. Please take steps to setup an AdSense account instead. 

While we didn't formally support AdMob before, we more clearly do not support it now. It would need a new data source to provide data from that platform. If this is something that interests you, please vote on this new data source request.

Field deprecations

The following fields will be marked as deprecated as the new API no longer supports them, they will return no data:

  • Unit code
  • Channel code

There are no replacements for these, so please remove them from your reporting.

Field changes

The following dimensions may return different/new values and will have updated descriptions with examples of the new values:

  • Format code
  • Format name
  • Targeting type code
  • Targeting type name

If you had any formulas or logic dependent on those values, those may need to be adjusted to work with the new text being returned.

Historical data availability

The new API only supports fetching the last 3 years of data. Queries will date ranges starting before then will show an error, and you will need to update your query's date range.

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