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Issue with Facebook Ads queries failing (updated September 21, 2021)

We’ve fixed the issues that a Facebook bug was causing in our connector.

We’re going to continue to monitor it closely and work to improve it. We’re truly sorry for the trouble this has caused.

Our team has been assisting Facebook in addressing the issue since it first appeared. Unfortunately, it took some time for the Facebook team to solve it. While the problem was ongoing, it negatively impacted connector performance for many of our customers.

Please run your queries again.

Unrelated to this bug, we’ve seen that some customers with complex Facebook queries are experiencing issues with them. Making those queries lighter has helped. If your query is very complex, here are some steps you can take:

  • Shorten the date ranges.
  • Remove any unnecessary fields.
  • Use fewer accounts in each query.
  • Split a heavy query into several smaller ones.
  • If you’re using Google Sheets, combine new results with old ones.

Should any similar problems persist, please send us any information you can to We appreciate your time and input.

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