Twitter Ads API v9 upgrade breaking changes - August 24th, 2021

Twitter Ads will be sunsetting their version 8 API at the end of the month, and so we will upgrade our Twitter Ads data source to use version 9. We will deploy the new version for most products on August 24th, 2021. API, data warehouse, and cloud storage products will follow a few days later.

What you need to do

There will be some breaking changes that may require adjustments to your reporting. Most of these changes involve promoted tweet cards.

Field deprecations

The following fields will be marked as deprecated as the Twitter Ads API no longer supports them:

  • Optimization
  • Bid unit
  • Tweet card ID
  • Tweet card display URL

Field additions

The following fields will be added:

  • Goal
  • Tweet card URI

These are also replacement for some of the deprecated fields above and can be used instead in your reporting.

  • Goal replaces Optimization and Bid unit (it's now one single field with that information)
  • Card URI replaces Tweet card ID

Field changes

Bid type and Charge by dimensions will be connected to different fields in the API, but will have the same behavior and same names as they do now. No user changes are required for these.

Promoted tweet media type may return different/new values, as how the types are tracked has changed. New values may include:

  • Website card
  • Website card: image
  • Website card: video
  • Card (if we are unable to tell the type from the available data)

Tweet card type will return different values. The new API only recognizes two types:

  • APP

The Promoted tweet media type may be more descriptive, so you may be able to use that instead or together with the card type.

Behavior changes

The new Twitter Ads API has made some changes around promoted tweets and promoted tweet cards, and there may be some differences in data returned.

In general, more tweet cards will be returned by requests, closing the gap of items we were not able to get back from the API before. However, we found that tweets older than 2019 may have data missing for certain fields as the way those tweets were created is no longer compatible with the new API.

Promoted tweet card image and Promoted tweet card image URL fields may not be returned in certain cases.

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