Google Ads migrations for certain report types - August 24th, 2021

Google Ads has begun the process of deprecating specific report types in their older AdWords API and recommending that applications migrate to using the Google Ads API instead. The first of these to be removed are the URL Performance Report and Automatic Placements Performance Report. For more information on the deprecation, please see Google's blog post.

To comply with the recommendation and to allow users of the Supermetrics Google Ads data source to continue to get data from those reports, we will be migrating the two reports to use the Google Ads API on August 24th, 2021.

What you need to do

For most users, no changes should be required at all. We will be mapping existing fields to the new API, so existing queries will continue to work as before.

However, there are some differences in how the two APIs work, so some values are returned may not match data from the older API. This means filters or formulas relying on older values may need to be adjusted to work with the newer values. All of the known changes are outlined below. 

Known changes

As the data will be pulled from the Google Ads API, there are some changes to some of the fields' behavior that is different than before.

Zero impressions

The Google Ads API does not support the feature to "Include Zero Impressions", so we are replicated that behavior ourselves by filtering the data if "Enable zero impression rows" is not checked. It works slightly differently than the native feature in AdWords API, so there may be slight differences in how the data is returned.

Discrepancies with URL Performance Report data

The original URL Performance Report was a single attribution report, and the replacement report in the Google Ads API uses a different attribution model that aligns with the Google Ads UI. Comparing data gotten about URL performance from before August 24th and on/after August 24th may not match due to this change. It should still align with the Google Ads UI, however.

Metrics with non-specific values (<10%)

Some metrics natively report as "< 10%" from the AdWords API. Those will now report as the actual values from these reports.

Changes in dimension values/categories

Some dimensions will report slightly different (and often more current) values that what the AdWords API reports. These fields specifically are affected, if you have any filtering or formulas that key off those values, you may need to adjust them to work with what the new API returns:

  • Advertising channel type
  • Advertising channel sub type
  • Campaign status
  • Campaign serving status
  • Bidding strategy type
  • Budget status
  • Slot
  • Click type
  • Device
  • Network/Network with search partners (now is one field in new API)

Incompatible field errors

The current behavior for some fields in these reports that are not compatible is to return a no data response, rather than the true incompatible field error. This will change after August 24th. Combinations of fields not allowed by the Google Ads API will now show the incompatible field error.

New functionality not yet supported

Not all fields that can be supported by the new API are for these reports. We are focusing on replicating existing functionality from AdWords into Google Ads API to ensure queries continue to work after the deprecation. We will evaluate adding new fields and functionality at a later time.

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