Error: "FB post fetching error: Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token."

This guide will walk you through how to fix this error:

FB post fetching error: Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token

Include all published posts

For Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel

To begin with, please select "Include all published posts" under Options, from the sidebar:

For Data Studio

Please select "Allow Include all published posts to be modified in your reports" when authenticating the data source, as in the screenshot below: 


Please check that you meet the data source access requirements, meaning the user role level assigned to the Facebook page(s) you are fetching data from. Please refer to this guide: 

General Data Source Access Requirements.

Please note that if you don't meet those requirements, you won't be able to fetch data from those pages. If you are unable to change your access/permission-level, please contact the administrator of your page(s). 

New Page Experience

Facebook launched a new page called New Page Experience which requires new access requirements. For Facebook Insights you must have "partial access". For more information please refer to this guide: New Page Experience


Once you have followed all the steps above, please re-authenticate the data source:

Data Studio: How to re-authenticate a Data Studio connector

Google Sheets: How to re-authenticate a Google Sheets connector

Microsoft Excel: How to re-authenticate an Excel connector

Further assistance

If you continue to have issues after trying the above actions, please submit a request to support with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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