Facebook Ads Conversion Window Adjustment - June 29th, 2021

Based on reported issues and feedback, we will make a slight adjustment to the settings available in the Conversion window option for the Facebook Ads data source. The current default setting has been found to be confusing in the cases where the user is using SKAdNetwork Campaigns and is leading to unexpected behavior for some types of conversions, like video views or from Instagram-related ads. 

This change will take place on June 29th, 2021, for most of our products.

The change will be to update the current default value text from "7 d click (default)" to "Default attribution". The "7 d click" option will be added back as a manual choice.

Example from Google Sheets showing the change:

Drop-down of the "Conversion window" setting in Google Sheets for the Facebook Ads data source. The value Default attribution is highlighted in blue to show it is selected

This change should have little to no negative impact on existing queries using the current "7 d click (default)" setting and not require query updates by users. In most cases, it will swap from the old default to the new default option automatically and continue to return Facebook's default attribution window of 7 day click after the change. For others having missing video conversion data or discrepancies, this change should fix those problems. Users with SKAdNetwork campaigns should use the "Default attribution" option.

In the rare case that a previously working query starts to show incorrect data after the 29th, please compare your Conversion window settings to what is in Facebook Ad Manager. It may need to manually adjusted to match.

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