Searchmetrics Date Parameter Change - June 17th, 2021

To improve the usability of the Searchmetrics data source, we will be updating the configuration of these three report types to remove the "Searchmetrics date" parameters with proper date selection:

  • Project Organic: Get List Rankings Historic
  • Research Organic: Get List Rankings Domain Historic
  • Research Organic: Get List Rankings Keyword Historic

This change will happen on June 17th, 2021. We will remove the "Searchmetrics date" element completely from the UI and replace it with the "Select dates" UI element. Note for Data Studio, this means it will use the chart date settings instead.

Please note that using a longer date range with this change will use more of your Searchmetrics API quota, so we recommend that you only use 1 day ranges with these report types.

To prevent disruptions, we've made it so that existing queries will continue to use the value that was originally set in the "Searchmetrics date" parameter before this change.

To take advantage of the data selector instead for existing queries in Google Sheets or Excel, users will need either delete and recreate the query or manually remove the date from the SupermetricsQueries tab.

Example in Sheets/Excel:

Find the "Other parameters" entry for the query.

Orange arrow points to value in "Other parameters" column in the SupermetricsQueries tab

Delete the whole entry for "sme_date".

The value for "sme_date" has been removed from the cell.

For Data Studio, users will need to revoke and re-add the data source to get the current version with the updated UI and that should change the behavior for existing reports.

In the Partner Connectors section of Data Studio, an orange box highlights the option to "Revoke access" from the Searchmetrics by Supermetrics data source

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