Facebook Ads Conversion Window and Action Time Change - May 6th, 2021

**Update May 4th**

Facebook appears to have triggered the changes on their side to swap to the report time to conversions in the API, so current data may not function correctly if the query is set to use impressions instead. We will still update the default behavior of the Report time of action stats on May 6th, but users will need to manually update the setting now to correct any calculation problems.

With Apple iOS 14.5 becoming publicly available this week of April 26th, this has triggered additional changes on the Facebook Ads side with regards to how attribution and action event timing are done.

To align with these changes, we will be making the following adjustments on May 6th, 2021:

  • The Conversion window setting default will change to "7 d click".
  • The current default "7 d click + 1 d view" will be added as a normal option for historical data queries.
  • The Report time of action stats setting default will change to "On conversion date".

For the Conversion window setting, if you are already using the old default and wish to use the new default, no action is needed. It will update automatically. If you wish to use the old "7 d click + 1 d view" value or another value, you can manually update the setting (exception: Data Studio - will need to wait for the change on May 6th to manually select "7 d click + 1 d view").

For the Report time of action stats setting, if you are currently using Impressions and want to use conversion, you will need to manually update your queries. New queries should use the correct default automatically.

If you have a lot of queries and are using Google Sheets or Excel products, it may be faster to use the SupermetricsQueries sheet to edit the value: ACTION_REPORT_TIME_impression to ACTION_REPORT_TIME_conversion

These changes will happen initially for Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Excel products. API, Big Query, and other data warehouse and cloud storage products will be updated in roughly 1-2 weeks.

For more detailed information on the iOS 14 changes to Facebook Ads, please see What You Need to Know for the Facebook Ads iOS 14 Changes

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