List of data sources - Account definitions

Starting from March 28th 2021, you can purchase up to 20 accounts per data source with Supermetrics for Data Studio & Google Sheets in Supermetrics website for most data sources that aren't marked as "premium". 

The definition of "account" varies by data source. Below is a list of data sources with account definitions:

Adform (ADF) - number of ad accounts
Adobe Analytics (ASC) - number of report suites
Adobe Analytics 2.0 (ADA) - number of report suites
AdRoll (ADR) - number of advertisers
Apple Search Ads (ASA) - number of ad accounts
Bing Webmaster Tools (BW) - number of sites
CallRail (CALR) - number of accounts
Criteo (CRI) - number of advertisers
Facebook Ads (FA) - number of ad accounts
Facebook Insights (FB) - number of pages
Google Ads (AW) - number of ad accounts
Google Analytics (GA) - number of GA views
Google Analytics 4 (Web + App) (GAWA) - number of GA4 properties
Google Ad Manager (DFP) - number of network accounts
Google AdSense (ADM) - number of ad clients
Google Campaign Manager (DFA) - number of advertisers
Google Display & Video 360 (DBM) - number of advertisers
Google My Business (GMB) - number of locations
Google Search Ads 360 (DFS) - number of accounts
Google Search Console (GW) - number of sites
HubSpot (HS) - number of portals
Instagram Insights (IGI) - number of profiles 
LinkedIn Ads (LIA) - number of ad accounts
Klaviyo (KLAV) - number of accounts
LinkedIn Company Pages (LIP) - number of company pages
Magento (MGO) - number of stores
Mailchimp (MC) - number of accounts
Microsoft Advertising (AC) - number of ad accounts
Netvisor (NV) - number of accounts
Outbrain Amplify API (OBA) - number of marketer accounts
PayPal (PYPL) - number of business profiles
Pinterest Ads (PIA) - number of ad accounts
Pinterest Organic (PIO) - number of profiles
Quora Ads (QA) number of ad accounts
Salesforce (SF) - number of CRM portals
SEMrush Projects (SRP) - number of projects
Snapchat Marketing (SCM) - number of ad accounts
Shopify (SHP) - number of stores
StackAdapt (STAC) - number of advertisers
Stripe (ST) - number of accounts
Taboola (TBL) - number of advertiser accounts
The Trade Desk (TTD) - number of advertisers accounts
TikTok Ads (TIK) - number of ad accounts
Twitter Ads (TA) - number of ad accounts 
Twitter Premium (TWE) - number of profiles
Verizon Media DSP (VDSP) - number of advertisers
Verizon Media Native Ads (YG) - number of ad accounts
Yandex Direct (YAD) - number of ad accounts
Yandex Metrica (YAM) - number of tags

Note: This account limitation is not applicable to the following data sources:




Facebook Public Data 

Google Big Query

Instagram Public Data


Pinterest Public Data

Reddit Public Data

SEMrush Analytics



Tumblr Public Data

Twitter Public Data

VKontakte Public Data

Vimeo Public Data


For more than 20 accounts per data source, you must contact sales for a custom number of accounts

For premium connectors, you must contact sales for a custom number of accounts.

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