I cannot enable Auto-Renewal

There can be a few reasons why you cannot enable auto-renewal on your license: 

Missing permissions to modify license

  • You have Editor or Admin access to the team, when only Owners can make this change on your license. Please reach out to the team's Owner role for further assistance

Your payment method doesn't allow modifications

  • You've purchased the license with Paypal. See the Auto-Renewal with PayPal for more information
  • You've paid the license by invoice instead of credit card/PayPal

Please contact our support team for further help if you:

  • have an Enterprise account
  • are unsure about the payment method you have used
  • have checked that you have sufficient permissions to handle account management (Owner) but are still unable to manage the auto-renewal

When submitting your request to Supermetrics support, please make sure you include the following information:

  • user ID and license ID
  • full-screen screenshot of the Team Management page view you see.

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