Can I Migrate a License from the Old Pricing Model to the New Model?

Yes, you can! This is only possible for the Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Supermetrics for Data Studio products.

If you didn't have auto-renewal enabled before 28 March 2021, then you only have the option of buying a new subscription based on the new pricing model. 

See Changes to Supermetrics pricing on the 28th of March 2021 for more information. 

However, if you had auto-renewal enabled prior to the pricing model change, and are presently on the old pricing model, this guide will instruct you on how to "manually" switch to the new pricing model should you wish to do so.

Step 1: Cancel Your Current Subscription (Old Pricing Model)

To cancel your subscription, follow this guide.

Step 2: Purchase a New License Under New Pricing Model

To purchase a new subscription with the new pricing model, follow this guide

NOTE: You must have an "Owner" or "Admin" role on the team to manage/cancel subscriptions. "Editors" will not be able to access these options. See this article for how to change your role. 

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