Microsoft Advertising to Enforce Multi-factor Authentication - April 2021

Starting in April 2021, Microsoft will require users logging into Microsoft Advertising using the Bing Ads API to have multi-factor authentication enabled in their account. Once this goes into affect, users who do not have this set up will start to get errors from the service and will not be able to continue until they enable multi-factor authentication.

For more information, please see this notification from Microsoft.

What this means for Supermetrics users: 

If you already have multi-factor authentication for the account you use to log into the Microsoft Advertising data source, you don't need to do anything! The authentication data we have for your account will continue to work once the setting is enforced.

However, if you do not have multi-factor authentication enabled for the account when this takes effect, you will no longer be able to make queries using Supermetrics until that is enabled and you re-authenticate.

You can take steps today to enable the multi-factor authentication for your account to avoid disruption when this is enforced sometime in April.

  1. Check the instructions from Microsoft to check your security settings and setup multi-factor authentication:
  2. Log out of that Microsoft account in the browser to ensure there's no lingering cookies with the old authentication.
  3. Log out of the account in the Supermetrics products you are using and then log back in using the appropriate instructions.
    • Note that you will need to repeat this step for each different Supermetrics product you use.
  4. Now the data source should be set to use the account with multi-factor authentication enabled.

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