Facebook Ads Account Selection Adjustments - April 21st, 2021

Based on feedback from users about how they handle disabled/closed Facebook Ads accounts, we will be adjusting the UI and options available for the account selection on April 21st, 2021 (Note this has been rescheduled as due to issues, we were not ready to release on March 24th).

This will impact all products slightly differently, depending on how they show the account selection UI, and will be a delayed implementation for API, data warehouse, and cloud storage products (1-2 weeks later).

UI Changes

For many products, we will show a "CLOSED & DISABLED ACCOUNTS" section below the active accounts - for example, in Google Sheets:

Orange box highlights the new "Closed & Disabled Accounts" section of the Google Sheets account selection UI for Facebook Ads

Data Studio will be slightly different as it cannot show the headers like other products can, so instead, those items that are closed and disabled will have the text CLOSED appended to the name to make it clear what status they are and should be displayed at the bottom of the account selection list.

We will also be adding a new "all accounts" option that includes only the active accounts, so users who do not wish to report on closed accounts, can select the "ALL ACTIVE ACCOUNTS" option so it automatically adds new active accounts and removes disabled/closed accounts.

The existing "ALL ACCOUNTS" option will continue to work as it does currently, including all accounts available to the user, regardless if status.

Required User Action

Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Excel, Supermetrics for Data Studio, Uploader, and BiqQuery products will be affected on April 21st. API, Snowflake, other data warehouse and cloud storage destinations products will be affected up to 1-2 weeks later.

If you are manually selecting the accounts, in most cases it should continue to work exactly the same as before, just the closed and disabled accounts will be in a different section of the account selection UI.

Exception is for Data Studio - as it relies on the actual text selected in the drop-down, it may deselect the accounts when this goes into affect April 21st, as the ones marked "CLOSED" will be treated as different from the original account name. You may see errors for "No account selected" or see accounts disappear from the reporting. This can be remedied by going into the data source configuration and reselecting those accounts.

If you are using "ALL ACCOUNTS" and want to continue to fetch all accounts, regardless of status, you don't need to do anything.

If you are using "ALL ACCOUNTS" and want to remove the closed/disabled ones from your reporting automatically, you can swap to using "ALL ACTIVE ACCOUNTS".

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