Criteo API Migration - March 2021

Criteo has announced a new version of their API, which will be replacing the current "MAPI" version as of April 1st, 2021. We have been working with the Criteo API team to plan our migration to the newest version, and wanted to give notice of possible breaking changes to prepare you for the changes.

We are currently aiming to have the new version live in mid-March - we will update this article with the specific change-over date and specific breaking changes once everything is complete and scheduled for deployment. 

Known Breaking Changes

**Details subject to change in the coming weeks**

"Campaigns" have been renamed to "Ad sets". There is no campaign object in the new API at this time. This will cause the following field changes:

  • Campaign => Ad set
  • Campaign ID => Ad set ID
  • Campaign status => Ad set status
  • Campaign bid strategy => Ad set bid strategy

Current budget fields will be deprecated and replaced with new fields. These will be marked as deprecated and will no longer return data when the new version is live:

  • Budget
  • Budget ID
  • Budget type
  • Budget remaining updated
  • Total budget
  • Budget remaining

These will be the new fields (names not finalized) - note that some of the deprecated fields do not have a direct replacement in this field set, so you may need to adjust your reporting accordingly:

  • Budget strategy
  • Budget renewal
  • Budget delivery smoothing
  • Budget delivery week
  • Budget amount

The new API also handles click- and view-related fields differently, and as such, some fields may be deprecated or replaced. There may also be new options available to select the look-back window. This will be updated with exactly what fields are changing as soon as possible.

And finally we will be implementing oAuth authentication method to use instead of the current API key method. This will require users to log in again under the new system as the older keys may not function under the new version.

We will be sending out notification in the coming weeks with the final change set as well as to announce when the new version is live in various products. 

Please note that API, BigQuery, Snowflake, and other data warehouse products will have delayed implementations. Our team that covers these products will have separate notifications for that implementation and changes that go along with it, such as adjustments to the standard schema.

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