Facebook Ads Field Adjustments - Jan. 20th, 2021

For clarity and being able to distinguish between different fields with similar data in the spreadsheet, we will be updating the cell header names for the week- and month-related fields.

This change will be made on January 20th, 2021. 

The following products are affected:

  • Supermetrics for Google Sheets
  • Supermetrics for Excel
  • Supermetrics API

The cell headers will be updated for these fields:

Display NameCurrent Cell HeaderNew Cell Header
Year & monthMonthYear & month
Year & week (Sun-Sat)WeekYear & week (Sun-Sat)
Year & week (Mon-Sun)WeekYear & week (Mon-Sun)

The update to the header text will happen automatically next time the query is run after the change is made live. This does not change the field names as seen in the UI, so no existing queries will break from this - it's purely cosmetic. 

However - if you have formulas that keyed off the original header text, you will need to update them to the newer versions. For API users, this may change how the data is loaded into the data destination as it will have a different header than before, so you may need to make adjustments. 

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